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Knowledge is power, the habit of studying a superpower

I would like to share with you, my friends, a reflection on the benefits of Duolingo. In addition to the obvious improvement of a language learned years ago - English - and to learn others, I have come to the conclusion that the most important thing has been to acquire the habit of studying every day, even for a few minutes. Initially in Duo, but then other topics that have helped me improve the courses I teach and my own personal growth. Do you share this feeling? Regards

February 7, 2019

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I do share the same feelings, english is my fortress but i have been neglecting other languages.

Time is the main problem but with the app on celphone it's not an excuse because you can access it anywere and any time.


yes, the habit, maybe you are a smart guy however if you don't practice everyday you won't be able to learn. It is similar to learn how to play an instrument. You must practice every day.

best regards


Excellent example of the musical instrument. There's really nothing you can become a master without discipline.


Duolingo is like a drug for me. I can't imagine a day without fulfilling the lessons. In addition I started to hear and see every day TED Talks, there are so interesting topics and when they are too difficult or spoken too fast, I open the text with the "Transcript" button.

I miss speaking English, but not on phone or computer. I like to see the face of my opposite.


For how long have you been learning English Alexandre? TED Talks are great, also Youtube many interesting things to see. I follow: Grant Cardone (Money), Wolters World (trips), Zoey Arielle, Wild Cooking and others, every day.


I started 58 years ago at school for 9 years, then I stayed several months in South Africa and Saudi Arabia speaking English as well. My last job (10 years) had been in a big local agricultural company with 400 employees and I was the only one speaking English. Our main clients (about 80%) had been English companies and they visited us every few weeks. My job was translating and being in charge of their 'feel well'.

I speak and write fluently English, but with a lot lot lot of mistakes! That's why I want to improve my English. For example using the prepositions 'at, in, on, to, for ...' I fail many times. This doesn't matter for understanding me, but it's ugly and nasty.

So I hope that the English of Duolingo is better than the Spanish used, because I don't want to learn English terms nobody is saying outside in the world.


You are an agreeable person and I agree with you besides I like the way you write, I'm learning from you. It was nice to know you.


Thanks Miguel. Perhaps I can learn from you as well. You reached level 25 with more tan 40.000 EXP. You are an examplery student!


Thanks for your tips of Youtube sites. I saw

Grant Cardone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq4qASI1Fok it's a great and clear speaker of million of dollars

Wolters World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPheuAhBWMw I saw Canada explained from him

Zoey Arielle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AukiNIDvaiM I had been in Split, Croatia with her. It seems that she is making publicity for Airbnb. But this doesn't matter.


Studying sounds nice, but it's hard to do it when you're alone. ( ... I'm also an introvert.) It's easier to play, in my case, the piano because I let my fingers do the work, whereas a language involves speaking. Frankly, grammar is the hardest part, especially 'cause my brain thinks in English. Although translating helps, it tends to slow me down. (Well, the grammar's different ... So that makes sense.) I understand that learning a language takes time ... I just wish I spoke it from the beginning as Benny Lewis suggests.

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