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我已經完成中文的樹啦!I finished the Mandarin tree!

I studied Mandarin in high school. Though mostly everyone else hated Mandarin class, I for some reason loved it since the first day. It just seemed so cool to have the opportunity to learn a language entirely different from any that I was familiar with; I didn't even speak Spanish at the time (my 'heritage' language), and I was now learning this vastly different language. (I decided to study Spanish on my own at the time, and it very quickly surpassed my Chinese; now I am fluent in Spanish, and still struggle with Chinese). So even though I speak other languages better than I speak or understand Mandarin, it has always had a special place for me as the language that started my interest in it all.

It also seems that whenever my motivation for Chinese starts to falter, something always revitalizes it. I absolutely love learning Chinese characters and feel so much pride when I can write them as elegantly as they seem to me in print or in calligraphy. To the point where I write Hanzi in my notes instead of doodles or scribbles like most other people would. I loved it so much that I even decided to learn traditional Chinese characters over simplified, and continue to do so. Moreover, I traveled to China last summer for a study program, which was an absolutely incredible experience and the first time I ever ventured to Asia; I met wonderful people, saw so many beautiful places, and came to appreciate the culture more three-dimensionally. It revitalized my interest in improving my Chinese, coupled with the fact that my current boyfriend is Chinese. Though we communicate in English fine, I want to learn to communicate with him more in his mother tongue as well.

So yeah. Even though I have a lot of practice that I still need to do, this accomplishment of reaching the end of a tree still means a lot to me. I'll definitely continue practicing, and I wish happy studying for you all as well. 多謝各位,別放棄!加油吧!

February 7, 2019



Now that you have finished the tree with level one in all of the topics, it is time for you to try to get level 5 in all of the topics. Keep getting the XPs on Duolingo and congratulations on finishing the tree!


I love Chinese too! It's just that I don't usually have time to practice.


I'm a native traditional Chinese speaker. I'm glad that you love Chinese and traditional characters! Chinese is a totally different language from alphabetic languages, so it must've been hard! It's awesome to have a boyfriend who's a native speaker, you'll improve much faster if you speak Chinese to him all the time. Congrats on your achievements!


That was so motivating! Thanks for sharing your great experience, and keep it up! :)


Thank you! I really appreciate your support and motivation, and wish you the best in your studies, too!


I admire the number of languages that you have tackled and your high achievement levels for so many of them. Spanish was my first serious attempt at a foreign language when I was about 24 years old, and yet I have never become truely fluent despite studying Spanish off and on for all these years (I'm 60). Nonetheless, the Spanish I know has been sufficient and useful in many situations, and I would be satisfied if my study of Mandarin reaches that level. Of course, I'd like to be fluent in all of my foreign languages, and I will keep studying, but a merely useful proficiency is, well, useful! I know that we will both keep studying.


To get the pronunciation right, I would suggest looking up Gwoyeu Romatzyh. It's difficult to get the tones with just Pinyin as a beginner. Gwoyeu Romatzyh really helps.

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        Hi, just out of curiosity, when you write a paragraph like this in Chinese are you writing it off the top of your head from words you already know, or do you use other helps to write like that?


        If you are expressing about a specific object or an idea, then extra commas are used unless you plan to use an exclamation mark or a question mark. Otherwise, period is used after some series of commas to end the topic. For instance,



        If you read a newspaper or similar in Chinese language, then the usage of punctuation marks will make more sense.


        I mostly used words that I knew, but to say "Romance language" I just looked up the Chinese Wikipedia to see what how it's written. Admittedly, though, I have a habit of just always using commas and "Anglicizing" my Chinese.


        你的汉字一点儿奇怪 :D

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              如果为你不好笑, 就不意味着为大家不好笑。

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                我的母語是繁體中文 做跳級測試只能跳掉一半 我發現我明白中文意思但是不懂譯英文和它不接受我的表達方式orz ima native chinese speaker but the test of the chinese when i "learn" chinese, i can only complete half of the tree becasue my english talent is sucks (spelling, aha!) and duo dont accept my chinese repesent (i clicked "my answer should be accepted uncountable times") but anyway, congrats for that!


                You have no idea how many times I've clicked "my answer should be accepted" too! But that is an issue of translation; while in some cases, a direct translation can be made, in other cases, we are translating ideas or senses, not words, esp. when there are special nuances that cannot be directly translated. Unfortunately, that is difficult for technology or algorithms to account for, so we'll just have to keep dealing on with this for now. But best of luck!


                me too, but it's simplified chinese


                What language are you going to do next?


                Well, I'm going to Vienna in the spring, so I'm studying German in preparation; I've also been studying Turkish and Korean.


                Congratulation!!! But what language are you going to considerate learning after this?

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