Voice Recognition Issue? (Or, Maybe It's Just Me ...)

I'm taking Spanish.

When it's time to speak into my Android, I pretty much always get marked wrong ... but just for the shortest phrases, like "Uno, dos," or "La taza." (And I KNOW I'm pronouncing them correctly.)

Longer phrases, like "El restaurante está cerrado?" Nooo problem (even though I still have frequent issues with trilling my Rs).

Frustrating. Is there a technique to make sure my phone captures my voice correctly?

6 days ago

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Voice recognition is still a technology in its infancy. Getting those questions wrong won't affect your progress in the course. So don't panic.

I do recommend working on speaking outside of Duolingo. Go to a MeetUp. Use a language exchange website. Etc.

But don't panic about the DL language recognition. You're just demonstrating why those people who say "Don't learn a language, just use Google Translate" why that advice is wrong.

6 days ago

Thank you!

Yes, I was afraid the glitches would stop my progress, but as long as they don't affect my "grade," I can deal with them.

I've just begun to dip my toes into Spanish, but it was immediately clear that Duo is of little help with pronunciation. So I'm also using Lingodeer, which allows me to record my voice, play it back, and compare it with the voice actor's. I've also installed Speechling, but that seems a bit advanced for me right now.

6 days ago
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