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"This one is the good mountain's front side."

Translation:Kesy sȳro blēno naejon issa.

February 7, 2019



I've been looking at it for a while and I don't understand why it's sȳro in this situation? As an adjective, sȳz / sȳrior must agree with the noun it modifies in gender, number, and case. Here, the noun modified is blēnon, which in the singular genitive is blēno. However, unlike our valo or Dovaogēdo, it is terrestrial.

The wiki entry at https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Adjectives lists the prepositive class II adjective genitive declensions as (for kirine "happy")

Lunar/Solar (S) Terrestrial/Aquatic (S) Lunar/Solar (P) Terrestrial/Aquatic (P)
kirino kirinȳr kirino kirinȳ

Sȳz is unusual in the Lunar and Solar singular nominative and accusative, but I can't find any evidence it differs from normal class II adjectives in the genitive, and it appears to be normal in the terrestrial/aquatic. I'd appreciate being corrected if I'm wrong, but it seems like this sentence should be Kesy sȳrȳr blēno naejon issa. Any thoughts?


You're correct. This will be fixed.


Since kesy refers to naejon and naejon is inanimate, shouldn't it be kesor ?


No. "Kesy", in this case, is separate from "naejon", which is why it's translated as "This (one)". It's the same in similar "this is X" constructions. It would be "keson naejon", though, if it was "this front".


I actually meant to say "kesir", the inanimate version of kesy, which also stands on its own.


Kesir and kesy are both inanimate, but kesir is for uncountable and abstract things, while kesy is for countable and concrete things.


fellows, this is hard... my kingdom for a textbook and workbook.. I'm fading here, Atlantis..

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