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  5. "That pink jacket"

"That pink jacket"

Translation:Jaket merah muda itu

February 7, 2019



I thought merah was red, is it because it is merah muda=young red equals pink?


Yes, that's right, young red equals pink, and old red equals 'dark red', nice isn't it.

merah = red
muda= young
tua = old
merah muda = pink (literally "young red").
merah tua = dark red (literally "old red").

Another word you can use is 'merah jambu'.
merah muda = merah jambu
jambu is a fruit, but I don't know if it's in the database of translations.
I think you can guess the colour of this fruit, it's young red :)

Sorry for the off-topic...but now that we're talking about pink....It reminds me of my favourite K-Pop group, "BlackPink".
It sounds really funny if that name is translated into Indonesian.
Bonus question...are there Blinks doing this course ?
Bonus bonus question for the Blinks...how would you translate "In your area" ?


I guess only humans doing duolingo? But blinks ...


Merah muda was used 40 years ago. As of today "pink" has already become "Indonesianized"

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