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  5. "mamej puchpa' Dalo'pu'DI'."

"mamej puchpa' Dalo'pu'DI'."

Translation:We will leave when you have used the bathroom.

February 7, 2019



I put, "When you have used the bathroom, we will leave.", and was marked wrong. Isn't that the correct word order?


No. This sentence is made of two clauses:
mamej "We will leave" and
puchpa' Dalo'pu'DI' "When you have used the bathroom"

In both Klingon and English, you can put these clauses in either order. The original sentence has chosen to present the effect first and the cause second, so we expect the translation to do the same.


What about "We will leave once you have used the bathroom?"


What about "We will leave once you have used the bathroom?"

Using "once" here to translate -DI' sounds reasonable. I've added an alternative for that.


The list of words presented didn't include "when" or "after" or any other reasonable translation of {-DI'}... I tried to "Report a problem", but that had the same problem: none of the choices matches my issue, and there was nowhere to just type a description. I mean, the "correct answer" was fine, I just had no way of entering it.


Do you have a screen shot?

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