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Hitting the metaphorical wall

(I wonder if there's a comparable French slang term for that.)

How often do any of you "hit the wall", so to speak?

I could barely learn a new word yesterday, and today my brain is flat-out refusing to even process what I already know, let alone anything new. I figured, if I couldn't learn a new skill, I'd just practice old ones, but apparently my brain decided it wants the day off because it's in a "garbage out" mode. Anyone else run into this and need to take a day for downtime or whatnot?

4 years ago



This is normal. It happens to everyone at some stage in their life. You just have to give your brain a rest and try again tomorrow. Perhaps there's a reason why you can't seem to focus on processing new information. If there's anything on your mind that may be distracting you, try sorting that our first before trying to learn new skills again.

4 years ago


I hit the wall fairly often. I recently went for about two weeks without learning a new lesson! Not only unable to learn new words, but (temporarily) forgetting ones I already know really well!

When it happens, I will just mindlessly do practice sessions or use Anki flashcards. Otherwise, I might listen to some French music that I like, or watch an episode of "Extr@" or "French in Action", or some other video.
Or, I usually answer questions in the forums, because I still learn by trying to find the answers to questions.

Usually, after "zombie-period" has passed, I suddenly feel like ploughing through a new lesson.

Our brains need vacations, too. ;-)

4 years ago