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  5. Am i blind or what?


Am i blind or what?

Seriously i tried to find a mistake in my sentence but i couldn't
Maybe i cant see well or there was a mistake
i really cant notice


February 7, 2019



It is possible to by-pass such bugs by copying the correct solution and selecting 'use keyboard', instead of using the word bank. Then you just paste the copied answer into the field and move on. It's a bit impractical, but sometimes you just have to..


I honestly can't say why, but Duolingo seems to have some sort of bug that occasionally marks correct answers as incorrect. When users report them, they're already listed as correct on our side, too. It's a totally baffling bug, and I wish I had some idea why this happens, because I know how frustrating it must be to have correct answers marked incorrect for no apparent reason.


Is that related to kanji not being accepted as correct answers on "write what you hear" problems even though it is on "write X in japanese" problems?


No. Listening exercises currently can't be programmed to accept multiple answers, and Duolingo's programming wasn't made for a language that has multiple writing systems like Japanese, in which you can transcribe the same sentence in multiple ways (using all kana, using kanji for words that have them, or using a mixture of both). As far as I have heard, Duolingo's actual staff is aware of the problem an looking into it, but I personally have no insight into their programming or process on trying to resolve it.


woahhh how many courses do you take?


It looks fine to me, :)


nothing seems wrong maybe if you report it or copy and paste like Papualaisooppera said maybe the devs might fix it that's the only advise I can give you.


It looks the same to me! I'm not sure why is says it's wrong!

Hope this doesn't happen again!


How did you put in a photo?



Use image links that have .png, .jpg, .gif, etc. in their URL. You cannot use images from your computer, you'll need a link to an image that is stored up on the WWW.


  • ![](URL of image)


Thanks for the tip!


You're not blind - all the symbols match. Have you reported this?


nah i didnt , i didn't notice that i can do tht


hold on, are u foreign?


If something like this happens just click the little report flag under the question.


That's correct - Why did Duolingo mark itwrong?


looks allright to me too


wait so im not blind afterall?


That's happened to me before, but it was because I didn't use the Kanji version of a word even though the hiragana version was also available but I don't see the issue here.


This error usually pops up whenever Duolingo puts spaces between words where they aren't supposed to be sometimes when a word gets placed. Usually when this happens, I just drag the word and place it onto the space to fix it. It's a really weird issue. This also results in word duplication, which has happened to me before.

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