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  5. "paH chu' vIje'ta'."

"paH chu' vIje'ta'."

Translation:I have purchased a new dress.

February 7, 2019



I put "i bought a new gown" and it was marked incorrect. "Bought" and "gown" were shown in the suggestions, is my sentence still incorrect ?


"Bought" and "gown" are both accepted in the translations. Your translation was marked wrong because it did not contain a translation fo the suffix -ta'. There are certainly contexts in which "I bought a new gown" would be a good translation of this Klingon sentence. However, to make sure that users recognize that the -ta' suffix effects the meaning we require users to use "have" (or "had" or "will have") in the translation of sentences that have the -ta' suffix.


Yes I see now. Normally I catch that error when I miss it but for some reason I was too distracted by the "bought" and "gown" suggestions. Thanks for clarifying!


But note that your translation was actually a perfectly good one. It's just this course that doesn't accept it.

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