"Di mana gedung teknik yang baru?"

Translation:Where is the new engineering building?

February 7, 2019

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I understand that "teknik" in English means "techique", so it seems strange to refer to a building as "technique". Perhaps a better word to use in Indonesian would be "teknologi" ("technology" in English), hence "gedung teknologi". Also depending on countries, technology and engineeing are two separate porgrams in post secondary education. How are they structured in Indonesia?


As I understand it, the primary meaning of 'teknik' is 'engineering' and other meanings, such as 'technique' and 'technical' are subordinate. 'teknologi' is the preferred word for 'technology' etc. As with much BI vocabulary, however, there is much overlap! But if I were walking around a university campus, I would expect the 'Gedung Teknik' to be the 'Engineering Building' and the 'Gedung Teknologi' to be the 'Technology Building'. (There is, of course, an argument that engineering is just one type of technology!)


Why is "Where is a new engineering building?" not correct? Any part of the original sentence makes it must use "the" here?


Why the yang, please?


As I understand it, 'yang' before an adjective emphasises it, so in this case 'Where is the NEW engineering building?' (rather than any other engineering building that might be around) ... transliterally ' Where is the engineering building that is new?' It's a helpful construct, replacing the word stress we would use in our pronunciation in English to provide the emphasis in the question.

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