Vraiment vs. Tres

I've been practicing on Duolingo, and on one occasion when I used "vraiment" instead of "tres", I was marked wrong. However, the web says they both mean "very". What's the difference, and how do I use it in different situations?

5 days ago


Mmh, vraiment is more like "really" than "very".

5 days ago


5 days ago

1_ je suis très fatigué. 2 _ es-tu vraiment fatigué?

1 _ I am very tired. 2 _ Are you really tired?

3 days ago

From my understanding, "vraiment" means "truly" and "très" is "very." They are sometimes used interchangeably, but I don't know the super scientific answer as to when and why.

5 days ago
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Did you follow the link to the discussion for that sentence? It's unlikely that you were the first person that did it. There may be a nice, detailed discussion of just that point.

5 days ago

If you want a word to help you remember how to use "vraiment"

"Vrai" = true "Vraiment" = truly

I find I remember "truly" more easily than "really"

4 days ago
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