"We are part of a society with laws."

Translation:Kita adalah bagian dari masyarakat hukum.

February 8, 2019

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Having a problem seeing 'with' before laws in the Indonesian text here.


Halo teman! Here I see a group of nouns, "masyarakat" (society / community) + "hukum" (law / laws), then I think the English translation can use the form "adjective" + "noun", or "noun" + "preposition" + "noun". As in the example sentence, this translation is society with laws, but most of the time, the preposition used is "of". I think this is how Indonesian works with noun phrases, and firstly I try to read it as society of laws. Again, I cannot know if this is correct in English, I am just guessing this form can be also used. So, if this is just a group of nouns, or nominal phrase, in Indonesian, that means the construction of the English translation would accept a preposition to link the nouns, but this is not necessary in Indonesian, where "dengan", "untuk", "dari" (this does appear between "bagian" and "masyarakat"), or another preposition do not appear. Maybe I am wrong, but I think some prepositions in Indonesian have a special function in the sentence, for example, forming adverbial phrases. While the use of "dari" before "masyarakat" does not represent a problem, the use of "dengan" can transform a noun or adjective into an adverb, then dengan hukum can be read as "with laws", but also as "legally". Perhaps, a better translation for "legally" would be secara hukum, meaning "in a legal way", "in a way by law", or just "by law".

I hope it helps. Best regards, and congratulations for keeping studying the language.

Selamat belajar! :)

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