Unreasonable to try to learn 3 East Slavic languages?

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I'm trying to learn Ukrainian, Polish and Russian at the same time. I think I get the Ukrainian the easiest. (My family was Ukrainian-Polish not Russian but we never spoke Ukrainian at home because we became Americanized). Anyways all 3 are very similar to each other. Consequently, I don't think it's totally unreasonable to try and learn all 3 at once(I'd even love to learn Belarussian but it's not offered). I do 2 lessons in each day in each language so 60 total.

I've been screenshotting the lessons and words since December but I hardly have time to review them(And I struggle with the reading the Polish ones). I really should do flashcards for the words.

Anyways if anybody has extra resources and advice for getting better at these three I'd love to hear. I already listen to Polish, Russian and Ukrainian Radio stations and music pretty often and I start to understand a lot more of what they are saying. Even if I only can understand what they are saying on the radio stations this would all be worth it! But I really want to get fluent so I can go to Lviv!


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