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  5. "These are new phones"

"These are new phones"

Translation:Hizi ni simu mpya

February 8, 2019



Why "mpya" and not "zipya"?


Because A) simu is an N/N class noun, and their adjectives take no concords, neither in the singular nor in the plural: meza kuwba: 'a large table' / 'large tables', and B) there are exceptions to this rule, depending on the first letter of the stem of the adjective:

d, g, z : get an n-, meza nzuri: 'a nice table' / 'nice tables',

b ,v, p: get an m-, meza mbaya: 'a bad table' / 'bad tables'. (but p only when monosyllabic).

Since -pya is monosyllabic (!), it become mpya for N/N class nouns.


Paka is not the best example because it is animate and as such would cause adjectives to take M/WA agreement.


Vitor, you're right, of course. Thanks. I have edited my reply accordingly.

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