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Suggestion: Prompt before leaving lesson

I had to start over several times when I clicked a back button on a mouse or accidentally pressed someones user name in discussion. I know people dislike prompts but maybe It would be helpful.

I wasn't sure should I post this in troubleshooting or here...

April 7, 2013



Good idea. Instead of a prompt though I'd rather it automatically opens in a new tab (when clicking on someone's user name). This would also be useful when scrolling through the discussion tab (instead of having to right click and choose "open in new tab" all the time). If I scroll down 30+ discussions and click on one I lose my place and have to go scrolling again. (I'm stupid and always forget to right click...)


Good suggestion -- we're planning on doing this soon.


Yeah, I'd like this. I sometimes have several tabs open and I just get so many tabs that I just close all the tabs at once, and then I remember that I was halfway through a lesson! I guess I should just be more careful, but this is still a good idea! And about some people disliking prompts, there could be an option in the settings menu to turn prompts on/off.


Yes please! I have accidentally closed a lesson a few times and had to start again. Confirmation would be good.

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