"This rivalry is caused by their anger."

Translation:Persaingan ini disebabkan oleh rasa marah mereka.

February 8, 2019

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I can't just use 'marah' here instead of 'rasa marah'?


It should be a noun.. rasa marah or kemarahan


"Amarah" should be accepted as an alternative to "rasa marah".


"Kemarahan" is also acceptable to "rasa marah"


Yes can i not omit rasa....and just say marah...thatswhat loxals say


Imho the closest translation of "Persaingan ini disebabkan oleh rasa marah mereka" is "this rivalry is caused by their feeling of anger". if we omit "Rasa" it just sounds odd, in fact I can't think a sentence where "marah" is used as NOUN without "Rasa". "marah" is mostly used as an adjective. I think just memorize it as "fixed expression or one set phrase". But , you can replace "rasa marah" with "kemarahan" which is also common. I'm not really good at explaining things, I'm just a native speaker but i hope that'll help.


Can I use perasaan instead of rasa? It is not accepted but I thought perasaan was the noun formed from the base word rasa with the PE-AN circumfix

Persaingan ini disebabkan oleh perasaan marah mereka


Yes you can, both are common and there's no much difference, in fact it sounds nicer

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