Is this sentence right?

Hey, Duofriends!

I'm trying to figure out how "without questioning" would be in French.

This is the original phrase: "Admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own."

And the translation I've done: "Admirez la beauté de quelqu'un d'autre sans se poser en question votre propre."

Is it right?

Merci d'avance.

Cheers, Pedro.

6 days ago

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'Admire la beauté de quelqu'un d'autre sans questionner la tienne"

A sentence using "ta propre beauté" instead of "la votre" would be correct grammatically too but is still singing weird because "beauté" would have to be repeated twice.

Otherwise, you can say: "admire la beauté de quelqu'un d'autre sans remettre en question la tienne" who sounds more natural to my ears.

6 days ago
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"se poser en question" is not right. you can say "remettre en question". that means questioning or you can say "se poser la question", that means to ask onself the question.

6 days ago

Yupp,... its correct!

6 days ago
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