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  5. "Una roho nzuri"

"Una roho nzuri"

Translation:You have a good spirit

February 8, 2019



Roho comes from Arabic رُوح (rūḥ, "spirit; soul; essence; life; ghost"), which is cognate with Aramaic רוחא‎ (rūħā, rūħo, "spirit, ghost; wind; breath"), Hebrew רוּחַ‎ (ruaħ, rúach, "wind; breath; spirit"). The Spirit part of the Holy Spirit comes precisely from a chain of calques that began with that Hebrew ruach.


Thanks. Where does the mtakatifu part of holy spirit come from?


Can this phrase only be used in the spiritual sense? "That person is good amd kind and devout and spiritual"

Or can it also be used in a fitness class when people are excited and have high energy and spirits?

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