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Mic doesn't pic up words

I often find that despite speaking loudly and clearly, the mic will not pic up one or more words on the speaking portion, and gives either partial credit or no credit. And of course, there is no option to redo my sentence and get all the XP unless I go through the entire lesson again. This is pretty frustrating for this perfectionist!

May 20, 2014



The tone on the spoken lesson is too far in the base range for me to pick ANY of it up and I can no longer tolerate losing and losing and losing and losing!!


I would be happier if we just had the option to repeat the spoken attempts to get the software to register it. As it is, if it doesn't pick up on the first try you lose points even if you did speak all the words correctly. I also typically have my young children wandering around while I do my lessons and I can't always prevent them from making random noises while I'm recording.


I'm discovering this same problem. I'm doing German (I've actually been speaking it for several years) and every time it has me say "den Apfel" it registers it as "den den" ...why? And of course because the rest is correct, I get no option to try again. For whatever reason, every sentence is about people eating apples, too.

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