"Łį́į́ʼ haash wolyé?"

Translation:What is the horse's name?

February 8, 2019

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I think a couple of hints on how the words are pronounced might be helpful. I have no idea what Łíí would sound like. Does it sound like a Polish Ł? Do the accents on the i's denote a rising tone? Is Navajo a tonal language at all?


The struck "L" is pronounced like Welsh "ll". The hooks on the vowels represent nasalization. High tone on both vowels and a glottal stop at the end. Navajo has high and low tone, rising and falling on long vowels.


This is as far as I'll go without sound! Thanks for your efforts! Let us know when you add more sound recordings, please. Thanks again


What is the difference between haash yinelye and haash wolye will someone please explain to me


Why Wolfe and not yinlye

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