Duolingo app vs webpage

Hi, I’ve been working very happily on the webpage but have recently moved to the app (I can’t remember why, but there was a reason).

The “Home” page of the web site gives a description about the new topic, including new rules, exceptions and vocab, but I can’t find this on the app. Also, when clicking “Home” on the web site, the Duolingo app launches.

Can someone please tell me what I’m missing?

Thanks in advance

February 8, 2019


You're not missing anything, this is exactly what it's like. The web browser version, the Android app, and the iOS app all have little differences in terms of what aids are available.

Not all languages have their Tips & Notes (under the lightbulb) ported to the app. To see them, use the browser on your phone instead.

Yes, the Home button (and the Duolingo logo) (on iPhone at least) take you to the app. Don't click on them if you want to learn using the browser version on your mobile device. Instead, for learning go directly to in the address bar of your browser.

At least on the iPhone, in portrait mode, the web version of your home page looks very similar to the app. But if you switch the phone to landscape, you will see a fuller menu bar which confirms that you're really on the website. (You'll also get the lightbulb and the Tips & Notes that you're missing on the app.)

Things may be a little bit different on Android but in general I hope they're similar enough that this post can be helpful.

February 8, 2019

Thank you so much, Sharon. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain in so much detail. I get there is probably compatibility differences between Andriod and iOS, and possibly web-code too, but what frustrates me is the assumption that the user wants to use the app. I’m like, “When I want to use the app, I’ll use the app.”

Oh well, as I definately want the lightbulb, my choices are to either use multiple devices (one with the app and one without), or delete the app.

Thanks again for your help

February 8, 2019

Good luck. The differences between web and app drive me nuts. And it's not just Duolingo; all the learning apps I use have significant functionality on the website that isn't there in the app, and which the app gives no clue even exist. I wonder how many people are having truncated experiences because in all good faith they downloaded an app, and never find out about all the other resources the company makes available at their website.

[ETA: I successfully use the web browser for learning on my iPhone while still having the app installed for access to Clubs; I just never try to navigate to the learning page by clicking the Home or Duolingo button on the web page. But Android might be different.]

February 8, 2019

One issue you may have is that in the Settings for the app, it may automatically redirect all the urls to the app, not the web page. If that's happening to you, go to the Settings app and look for the App settings in the app.

At least this is true for Android. Things may be different in iOS.

February 8, 2019

Thanks, but seems Android has it made (at least in this bug). Can’t find anything like that in iOS. Never mind. Thanks anyway.

February 9, 2019
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