Mcgraw-hill Language Learning Lab Resources for Many Languages

Mcgraw-hill Language Learning Lab Resources for Many Languages.

Accessing through the Internet on a computer:

There is an impressive amount of free content in the labs for many languages. The book is not necessary to do the lab. Be sure to scroll down after selecting your target language within the lab, to see all the content.

Available for ESL, French, German, Italian, Spanish. Also under the "other" flag, one can find Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.

For French there are labs for All These Titles:

  • Easy French Reader

  • French Demystified

  • French Grammar Drills

  • French Illustrate Dictionary

  • French Verb Drills

  • French Vocabulary Drills

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) Basic French

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) Complete French All-in-One

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) Complete French Grammar

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) French Reading and Comprehension

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) French Conversation

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) French Verb Tenses

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) French Vocabulary

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) French Vocabulary with Suffixes

  • Read and think French

  • Say It Right in French

  • The Ultimate French Review and Practice

For Learning English, under the ESL section, there are labs for all these titles:

  • 400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL test

  • Easy English Step-by-Step

  • English Grammar Drills

  • English Illustrated Dictionary

  • ESL Demystified

  • Perfecting Your English Pronunciation

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) Basic English

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) English Conversation

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) English Grammar for ESL Learners

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) English Verbs

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) English Vocabulary for Beginning ESL Learners

  • PMP (Practice Makes Perfect) Intermediate English Grammar

More content to learn English.

This is another Lab with more audio content:

Mcgraw-hill Language Audio Study

APPs for Apple:

No cellphone for the apps above, you can install Bluestacks on your computer and then add android apps within Bluestacks, excludes Apple apps.

APPs for Android:

Discussion for another lab, Living Language Lab

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