"Tell me what you have done."

Translation:Dimmi cos'hai fatto.

1 week ago


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They don't know Italian, I wrote "dimmi che hai fatto" and it's wrong... another time I wrote "dimmi cosa hai fatto" and DL said I had a typo in my answer, probably in his brain there is a bug... their dictionary has too few words... they can't teach Italian... probably other languages, but not Italian. Che/cosa/che cosa... all of them are correct, but you'll get error, just report it. Anyway it can't be possible translating literally, it doesn't work. Frustrating....

1 week ago


Dimmi che hai fatto and Dimmi cosa hai fatto are fully legit, although the most common answer would likely be Dimmi cos'hai fatto.
You can report this. Hopefully, a contributor will add the alternative forms to the database of correct answers.

1 week ago
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