Italian Possession

I am having the hardest time with Italian possession. Does anyone have any tips for mastering this? Any help is appreciated!!

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The rules for possessives are fully covered in these two old discussions:

5 days ago

Clitics section is going to be 100 times worse.

I'd recommend acquiring an Italian grammar book.

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If you click on the lesson you will see a lightbulb; click on that. It will provide the needed information to accomplish this lessson.

Simply all forms of my, you, our etc etc change depending on the object's gender and if it is a plural or singular. Additionally you gotta put the artical before the possessive word however there are some exceptions here and there related to family members.

Here is an example: tuo = your

il tuo letto = your bed

Letto (bed) is a masculine word and singular so you use tuo.

la tua birra = your beer

Birra (beer) is a feminine word and singular so you use tua.

And so you got a whole list depending on masc, fem, plural and singular. You gotta learn this by heart. I hope this helped you and good luck

4 days ago

I just found a tinycard deck by Linnea that was super helpful in understanding possessives!!

5 days ago

I'm in the same boat as you. I can't get my head around it.

5 days ago

I am having a hard time too, but when you write everything down it is much easier. Yes, I also have problems with it but you can always google or ask a friend and when you try some lessons (even if you get frustrated continue) you will notice a difference.

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Maybe this brief guide could be of help:

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