"This event cannot be happening."

Translation:Peristiwa ini tidak bisa terjadi.

February 8, 2019

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Why is it tidak mungkin and not tidak bisa?


Hmm...I don't see 'tidak mungkin' …..
I think the translation is changed.

tidak mungkin terjadi = impossible to happen
tidak bisa terjadi = cannot happen


You're right.
The translation has been changed.

The original ID sentence 'Peristiwa ini tidak mungkin terjadi.' is currently translated as :
1- This event cannot be happening.
2- This event is impossible.
3- This event is impossible to happen.

Translation nr.1 is currently the preferred translation.

I think nr 3 is the most accurate one.
That's the one that can be easily back-translated into the original ID sentence.

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