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I need some more material

So i completed the tree but it was very short i did not learn much not only that but i have problems finding decent lessons on youtube i prefer lessons that are sound only so i don't need to watch the screen all the time.

Also can you recommend me a website with lessons i do not like things like memrise and tiny cards and it has to be something where i don't need to start from the beginning.

February 9, 2019



Anil Mahato, great youtuber for Hindi lessons, he has worked really hard on a Hindi course online that came out last year, it's called Langistan, good lesson content, audio and visual, introduces topics a little bit at a time, it is a paid course, but I don't know how much free content you can really get in terms of Hindi lessons. You can always go to sites like interpals and hellolingo, meet Indian friends there that will be willing to talk to you in Hindi, and learn through conversation, that was the most effective method for me in learning Hindi, been talking to the same people for a couple years now. Apart from online stuff, "Practice makes perfect Basic Hindi" is a great book to get, quite cheap and even though it's considered a basic Hindi book, it's well structured, and tons of content not on the duolingo course. Happy Hindi learning! :)


Hey there, it's really impressive that you are committed to learn more. I'm native and I suggest you to listen to some music (preferably old, as they used to be clear,slow and almost all of the words were of hindi origin) or some news( available on any podcast app). Happy learning and keep going!

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