"दिल्ली गाँव नहीं है।"

Translation:Delhi is not a village.

February 9, 2019

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So if you were to spell the Delhi suburb Gurgaon the way it's actually said and not its official name of गुरुग्रम Gurugram, would it be गुरगाँव?


Gurgaon used to be गुड़गाँव.

The letter ड़ has a pronunciation between र and ड. It is transliterated either as 'r' or 'd' depending on the word.


Makes sense, I've heard लड़का transliterated as larkā as often as I've seen it transliterated as ladkā.

Have a lingot, thank you.


In the sentence, "Delhi is a city" - दिल्ली एक शहर है - the word एक is used, but in the above example, "Delhi is not a village" - दिल्ली गाँव नहीं है" - एक is not present. May you explain why and how to know its proper use?


Firstly, 'दिल्ली एक गाँव नहीं है' is not wrong.

Hindi uses the indefinite article एक much more sparingly than English.The absence of an article can either indicate definiteness or indefiniteness in most situations. It is never wrong to include it but it is required only in a handful of situations like when introducing a brand new subject into the conversation.

For example, when you are talking to someone who is completely unfamiliar with Delhi and want to say, "Delhi is a city. It is in India", you would use 'दिल्ली एक शहर है। वह भारत में है।'. However, when you want to say 'Delhi is a city. It is not a village' presumably to someone who's at least somewhat familiar with Delhi, you'd say 'दिल्ली शहर है। वह गाँव नहीं है।'.

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