"Ibu tahu banyak mengenai sejarah Jepang."

Translation:Mother knows a lot about Japanese history.

February 9, 2019

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So mengenai can be either 'touch' or 'about'? Is there a difference between mengenai and tentang?


@SamForward, you are correct. According to several dictionaries including KBBI, "mengenai" means "touch/hit/strike/impact" as a verb, or "about/regarding" as a preposition. As a preposition, "mengenai" (regarding) is more formal than "tentang" (about), according to native speakers here. https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/15264895


I got the same question.


"Mengenai" can replace "tentang" in basically every sentences.


‘Our Mother …’ was not accepted. Why? Whose mother was it? Translations are not just about individual words but phrases.


Indonesian native speakers often omit "saya" or "-ku" (my) when everyone can understand the speaker is talking about his/her mother. Unless the Indonesian sentence precisely says "ibu kami", you don't need to translate it as "OUR mother".

"Ibu" is also used when the speaker is referring to or addressing an older/respected female figure. In this case, "ibu" is interchangeable with "she" or "madam/lady".

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