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  5. "She is a second child"

"She is a second child"

Translation:Yeye ni mwana wa pili

February 9, 2019


[deactivated user]

    This course gets more and more disjointed as you progress ... This is mt first time seeing mwana, and it wasnt even introduced.

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    What's the difference between mwana and mtoto?


    Good question! I thought that mwana meant 'son' (like in jina la baba, la mwana na roho takatifu, 'in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit': a sentence that will be repeated ad inifitum in later lessons). The subject 'she' seems to rule that out, in this case :)


    Could it be that "mwana" refers to adults who are nonetheless (someone's) children and "mtoto" to actual children?


    Apparently, the male gender continues to be the default gender in Swahili, just as it was in English until recently when we began having to write him/her instead of him. Here, we know it's a girl they're telling about, but the statement places her in a general role - that of a second child. So for child, they use the default term mwana. They could as easily have written mtoto.


    This makes no sense to me. I finally wrote in the answer required to move on to the next question, but this is wrong.


    Why is wa needed here but the a of association is not asked for with other numbers?


    Because 'second' is an ordinal number. So, watoto sita = six children, mtoto wa sita = the sixth child. Does that answer your question?

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