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please Help

Hello, I have been wondering recently about Duolingo curriculum. As you may know there are a lot of German books for example ( Menschen A1 ) . So my question is: Can I compare Duolingo to A1 and A2 German books . I mean shall I completely rely on Duolingo as it covers the subjects and topics and words in those books, or I will have to take a look at those books? I am using another website called " Busuu " with Duolingo and I noticed that both websites have a lot of " common and same words ". So I am using 2 websites to learn.

Another important question Is that if I finish Duolingo tree will I be able to pass A1 and A2 German tests . Like " Goethe institute tests" ? Thanks

February 9, 2019



For learning a language, it is always wise to use multiple sources for your learning, multiple resources that you use as support, and also seek to engage in multiple ways.

Even if you are doing it through a course with a real teacher. Don't limit your engagement just to the material presented in the class.

Dictionaries that you like to use are highly recommended to add to your resources.
Also, I can not recommend grammar books highly enough.

Also check out Duolingo events, if there could be one near you.
If you go to your tab at the top dark blue strip here in Duolingo, you should see a tab "Labs", and there you should find a reference to Events.

Here is a post about events when they were first introduced. : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/23831823

Also check out the other resources for your language that are being developed there.

Also Duolingo https://tinycards.duolingo.com/ is a great resource.
And there you can also create your own decks to advance your learning, according to your learning path. Each path is unique.

Don't stop there.
Also check out :
https://www.memrise.com Which also has an active world wide learning community.

https://www.ankiapp.com/ is also one that I have seen many notable people recommend here on Duolingo.

Also try to involve your language learning in your everyday life. Playing games, cook a cake ( or cook something ) from instructions written in your target language. If you play sport, try referring to aspects of your game - using your target language. Check out You tube for resources. If you use a GPS program, change its spoken language to your target language.
And above all - seek to have fun.

Wishing you all the best with your language learning.


Alright . Thanks a lot


Try and use a number of resources for your language learning. I found a brilliant resource to learn conversational German from A1 - B1. It is a free learning resource, https://learngerman.dw.com/en/overview , check it out.


Wow thanks NiamhJo,

I just went there to that link and did that German placement test and passed the A1, scored 74% :) . I would of scored probably about 15-20 higher had I not really struggled with the listening parts of the test as they spoke too fast for me to be able to pick up the answers to the questions. I need to listen to more German music and movies and improve my ability to pick up on the German speech

" 74% 30/30 questions answered

Very good! Your German skills correspond with the A1 competence level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If you would like to continue improving your German, we recommend a format that aims to achieve A2 competence.

Recommended course level for you: A2 "

I just printed the results on document paper and going to frame and put on my wall lol


Das ist wunderbar!!! I like that resource as they definitely do not slow down their speech, they speak just as real German speakers would speak, ie. Super schnell!


Kein Problem, ich hoffe es hilft! :)


Thanks for the resource. I've got to take a German test before 2021 for when I renew Immigration. I'm going to try C1. But I hate stupid tests. First I have to do my German driving test in German not too hard but I still have to practice to pass.


There is an online A1 test for German (I think it may of been to do with the Goethe institute), I tried that a couple of weeks back and failed it though I've been working on German for a year. It was harder then I thought it would be. I have a weak point in my German when it comes to trying to randomly recalling things and put sentences together though I'm starting to read it quite well (A1/A2)

Learning is best using multiple sources.

Duolingo though can be a great help, it's an easy way to learn but it does take time.

edit.. I just did another German test, one which corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and passed that at A1..

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