"Is this the month of July?"

Translation:क्या यह जुलाई का महीना है?

February 9, 2019

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Why isn't यह in the oblique form इस?


Because 'this' isn't oblique here, it's literally 'Is this (July's month)?' - जुलाई is oblique, but doesn't change form in the singular.


Would you give more examples of this situation where it does not change?


Sure: सेब, आदमी, औरत are each the same in their respective direct & oblique forms.

If you said 'is this that woman's month', 'woman' is oblique, but singular and so औरत (it is oblique, it's just spelt the same as direct). If you said 'is this women's month', it's still oblique, but now plural, so औरतों।


I think that only happens for people.


Is the sentence "kya yeh mahina july hein?" grammatically incorrect?


Yes, it's subtly different from the given one though: 'Is this month July?' - which is also grammatically correct in English, but doesn't sound that natural (consider just 'Is it July?' instead) - so that may also be the case in Hindi, I don't know.

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