"He is Chinese."

Translation:Yeye ni Mchina.

February 9, 2019

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So, what's the difference between the Capital letter nationalities, and the lowercase. As in , Mchina vs. mchina. And when do I add the double Mm?


So, what's the difference between the capital letter nationalities and the lowercase?

The same as the difference between Chinese and chinese. Mchina (capitalised) is correct to my knowledge.

When do I add the double m?

You don't "add" a double m to anything. It just happens naturally in the word Mmarekani because Marekani (one m) refers to the US and m- is added to the beginning. So China + m = Mchina; Tanzania + m = Mtanzania; and Marekani + m = Mmarekani. Like how in the word "unnamed" there are two n's.



Whats the difference of Wachina and Mchina? When do I use either?


द्खड्जद्मफन्फन्नफ्जफन डंडबडमदद दमनड्डान्दन्दन्दन्दनंदन ndndndñजज्जज्दन्फन्फफ धक्फड्जद्दीधड्जद्गढ़ूढ़ण्डाड़ dddd

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