"What is stored here?"

Translation:Apa yang tersimpan di sini?

February 10, 2019

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I do not understand when to insert 'yang' as shown in the answer here.


"Apa" and "siapa" should be followed by "yang" + a verb or an adjective, but not a noun. You can find the grammatical logic on the general forum:


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As per the Duolingo's official announcement on the forum closure, I migrated my own post about the "SIAPA + YANG" rule to an external website:



It's like saying in English "what is it that is..." If you can say that in English and it makes sense, translate it with a "yang". :-)


Bisakah juga dikatakan, "ADA apa yang tersimpan si sini?"


For those who dont know the difference between tersimpan and disimpan, tersipan is when it has been stored while disimpan is the action of storing it or the action of storing is in the present. Aku disimpan di dalam penjara. Aku tersimpan di dalam penjara.


Google translate says "what is stored here?" As "apa yang disimpan disini


"Tersimpan" and"disimpan" are not completely interchangeable in this particular sentence.

"Apa yang disimpan di sini?" is closer to "What was MADE stored here?". "Di-" prefix emphasizes the action taken by someone. On the other hand, the function of "ter-" prefix is in the middle of an adjective (describing the status or characteristics) and a passive form of verb (the action).

Besides, "disini" should be "di sini" (two words). Native speakers often spell as "disini", but it's improper. -- It's the same as "ITS an apple" instead of "IT'S an apple" in English. English speakers, especially those who typing on a mobile device, often omit an apostrophe. But it's grammatically broken.

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