"Dia terpaksa tidak makan."

Translation:She was forced to not eat.

February 10, 2019

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This seems a clumsy English sentence to me. Perhaps it could be interpreted as: She was (physically) barred from eating or a similar type of sentence. Or....she was forced to refrain from eating. However, the closest translation should be in my opinion: She was forced not to eat.


I agree. It sounds strange, forcing someone to NOT do something. I'd go for 'She was kept from eating', the main idea being the inability of doing something she wants to do. So forced into a position of inability, if you will.


Poor translation. "She was not allowed to eat" is better English.


saya kesulitan memahami


She was restrained from eating or she was not allowed to eat. Even conversational English would state it as "She was forced not to eat" but that's not very good either.


She was forced to starve. She was denied or not allowed to eat. Ect


I agree, this is a weird translation. To me "She was forced to refrain from eating" souds better.

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