Tree 2.0 abandoned?

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Hi everyone! Cześć wszystkim! This question may have been asked before, but what’s happening with updated course? I was so excited to discover it was happening but there has been no updates now for almost a year. Does anyone have any information on this? I’m not asking for a full update, just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ as to wether it’s happening or not. Thank you :)

2/10/2019, 8:09:52 AM


I have been working on the Polish tree for 2-3 months (about a third completed), and I have to say, the Polish course on duolingo is VERY good! improvements are always welcome, but let's appreciate the contributors who created a fantastic course.

2/11/2019, 12:24:26 AM
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It's not abandoned, but the working process has slowed down significantly recently. We hope to get back on track soon.

If anyone is wondering if it's perhaps better to wait for the new course instead of doing this one - it will really take a looong time to finish, don't wait ;)

2/15/2019, 9:54:09 PM
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I find that your contributions, and the contributions of the other moderators, make up for any perceived shortcomings in the Polish 1.0 tree. The Polish 1.0 tree is made great by the calm, practical and understanding explanations found in the discussions.

2/16/2019, 2:43:18 AM
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