For all the Hindi learners, I recommend you to listen to these songs...

-Titli (Though there's a bit of Tamil in this song)-

-Kal Ho Naa Ho-

-Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si-

Hope you like them ;D

2/10/2019, 9:23:23 AM


Actually the first two are punjabi.

2/10/2019, 9:24:16 AM

You can identify a bit of hindi, though.

2/10/2019, 9:26:30 AM

Yes but if you are learning hindi and suggesting them as a way of learning you might confuse them.

2/10/2019, 9:27:54 AM

Ok I'll edit that...

There. Done.

2/10/2019, 9:54:31 AM

I hope it's not offending. Good initiative though.

2/10/2019, 9:59:11 AM

Nope. It's not offending at all. TBH, I'm glad you corrected me or I don't know how many determined learners I would have confused. Thank you.

2/10/2019, 1:07:22 PM


2/10/2019, 2:51:04 PM


2/10/2019, 3:54:11 PM
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