Is there a level 2 in German?

Hi, I've happily finished all subject in the German section and all subjects are marked 1. Is there a level 2 or that's all I can learn on Duolingo?

Danke sehr!

1 month ago


Hello Ana, just click on the Skill dot and you will see that level 2 will come up for you to start. There are more lessons than in level 1. When you have finished level 2 click on the dot again and level 3 will come up. Same for levels 4 and 5. I did all of level 1, then went over them and did all of level 2, then went over them again and did all of level 3. Levels 4 and 5 I do together. Cheers, Margeret

1 month ago

It worked!!! Many thanks, Margaret! Have a great day! :-)

1 month ago
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Ja, jeder stimmt, es gibt fünf Stufen.

4 weeks ago
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