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I am experiencing frequent loss of sound on Duo after about 30 minutes. Duo puts up a sign "Sound back in one hour", but I've discovered that the quick way round this is to log out and log in again. This works, but is annoying if you are in the middle of an exercise, as you lose everything you have done so far. Another problem is that any sound always needs to be played twice, as the last syllable of what is being said always drops out on the first play. Has anyone else encountered these problems? Perhaps I need to re-install the app on my laptop? Any suggestions from Duo why this should be and how to overcome these problems?

2/10/2019, 11:32:16 AM

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Hey there! You might get more help if you move this to the Troubleshooting forum. You can do so by editing your post and changing the subject from "Dutch" to "Troubleshooting".

To get started, can you give a little more information about your setup? You mention an app, but also a laptop. Is this an iOS or Android app that you use on a laptop? Have you tried using the browser (website) version of Duolingo and if so, do you experience the same issues there?

2/10/2019, 1:21:00 PM

Thanks to Simius for the advice. To clarify my original post - I use a Mac IOS and the app was downloaded from the Duolingo website when I joined the programme. I do occasional revert to the website or use the email reminders to launch Duolingo from there. I will take your advice and re-post this on the Troubleshooter Forum -Thanks.

2/10/2019, 2:00:50 PM
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