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Some "Funny News" pieces aren't

I'm working through this translation http://duolingo.com/#/translation/3eeb84c50d94232ff6d01affee2ee460

Sexueller Missbrauch am Canisius-Kolleg Berlin

I'm afraid I don't get the joke. Sure, it merits translation, but it's not exactly "Funny." I don't mind reading articles on serious subjects--they can be quite interesting, but I'd rather they not be categorized with humorous blogs and jokes.

July 14, 2012



The "funny news" seems to be a category of just any casual writings, mostly blog posts. Indeed it is not necessarily fun (on the contrary), and a name change might be in order.


German here, had a look at the article. As you suspected, that article has nothing to do with "funny", it's about sexual abuse at a school. My guess is that the entire site got wrongly put into the "fun" section by some software, certainly not by human input.

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