Hey who’s studying Italian in the UK? Or is there an Italian online ? Need help with ‘Ci’ and ‘sia’

4 days ago


The discussion of a recent query about ci can be found here:

With regard to sia, without a context this word can be:

  • a correlative conjunction ("both... and..."):

sia questo sia quello = both this one and that one

(the second sia can be replaced by che)

  • the first, second and third person singular of the present subjunctive tense of essere:

(Io) non so se lui sia tornato. = I don't know whether he (has) returned

Credi che io sia troppo vecchio? = Do you think that I am too old?

Its use complies with the general rules of the subjunctive mood (see the relevant unit or units in Duolingo).

4 days ago
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