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Rewarding practice of mastered skills

Personally, I've felt that after being busy and forgetting to do Duolingo for a number of days (or a week), I can forget quite a bit of stuff from the previous lessons I did. Naturally I can just do the practice topics, however that stuff doesn't always cover the older skills - so I like to go back and do the "refresh" sections. But since I've mastered most of my older skills, I don't get any points for it. It's understandable that I won't get points in the skill itself since I've reached the max, but getting at least some points to my overall Spanish level would be nice (even half of what would be normally given since it's just practice - otherwise people could just redo very easy lessons and game the system to get tons of points). What do you think?

6 years ago

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Good idea! I love learning Spanish on duolingo because it's like a video game. Getting points, regardless of "mastery" level would be nice.

6 years ago