"Soj naQmey"


February 10, 2019

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Ah yes, I always prefer to eat my salad with food canes. A child hunting spear simply won't do for picking up the delicate croutons.


motlh Qo'noSDaq Soj naQmey lo''a' tlhInganpu' ghotpu' joq?


'e' vIHon.

This phrase was revealed to us through the EuroTalk TalkNow! CD -- which requires all language courses to teach the same standardised vocabulary, including "hello", "goodbye", "aspirin", "chopsticks", "postcard", etc.


Ah. In other words, Terran terms created out of necessity. :-)

I'm not even sure Klingons use forks (spoons, maybe, as one needs something to 'ep one's chatlh with). Knives, we know, definitely exist on Kronos, and there are many different types of blades for different purposes. But chopsticks just seemed to come from left field a bit this early on in Food terminology. I suppose it's only fair though, upon further thought, that all Terrans be equally represented in the course, and not just the Western world.

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