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  5. "'eychugh vISop."

"'eychugh vISop."

Translation:If it is tasty, I will eat it.

February 10, 2019



Why is this not 'I eat it of it is delicious'? There was no comma in the Klingon. The grammar seems reversed here


In both English and Klingon, if...then statements are made of two clauses and either clause can come first. The creator of this sentence choose to put the "if" clause of the sentence first and since we have the option to do the same in English, then we expect you to keep them in the same order.

The grammar allows you to use either order and to get the sentence you suggest, you should put the Klingon in the same order, which would be vISop 'eychugh.

The comma is irrelevant. It is proper in English, but doesn't clarify anything in a simple klingonists sentence like this, so is optional.

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