"Io sono figlia dei miei genitori."

Translation:I am my parents' daughter.

April 7, 2013

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Why "the daughter" instead of "daughter" in translation of "figlia" in the given sentence, since "Io sono figlia......." does not indicate any use of article of any sort?


Because the languages are different.


Not helpful. I presume Armusj is simply looking for a kind of rule to apply in a more generic sense.

To answer the question, I believe "la" is omitted because the sentence is more intended to be "I am my parents' daughter" as opposed to "I am the daughter of my parents." I don't believe there's any problem if the sentence is constructed with "la figlia..."


I am daughter of my parents??


I hadnt been taught genitori yet... I went with "of my generation"


Did anyone else see an odd translation of "figlia"? It was really long and started with "(I) cub, he/she/it cub..." until way at the bottom it said "child" ... should I report that?

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