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"Mana pisau yang tidak tumpul?"

Translation:Which knife is not dull?

February 11, 2019



Duolingo, in English, 'dull' would never be used as an adjective for a knife, so whilst in Indonesian, tumpul can mean blunt or dull, the English translation, when speaking of a knife MUST be 'blunt'


Not at all. Here in England we might say that a knife (or any other kind of blade) is dull or blunt, the two are interchangeable. Blunt is probably more common but still


What on earth is a dull knife? It should be a blunt knife.


The robotic voice is so unnatural, but hey...


Please DL corrrect - even google claims the word 'tumpul ' is blunt! Please correct. thks & it'll be interesting to see how long it takes

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