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Che viaggio lungo e stranissimo.

Buongiorno a tutti,

After a long time learning Italian here on Duolingo, there remains little left to acquire here. I am proud to say that I am beginning to become an advanced intermediate in Italian. What a long, very strange road it has been. From humble beginnings of struggling to remember what a 'ragazzo' was to proudly completing the tree, from learning Italian family culture abroad in Verona to completing the gold tree, from struggling to pronounce 'l'aria climatizzazione' to telling a clerk, 'ho un biglietto già per Il Duomo, dove faccio una prenotazione per entrare la cupola? Nel museo? Va bene, grazie.'

I thank everyone here for the instruction and guidance. I hope that one day I will reach level C2 and that you, the one reading this, will one day achieve that, too. If you try, it will be yours.

EDIT: adding resources for learning beyond the end of Duolingo, which I am currently using alongside reading in Italian: https://learnamo.com Recommended intermediate reading: "Diario di una Schiappa" (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

P.S. Non essere preoccupato di errori. Ero in Milano per circa 80 giorni. Durante il mio tempo lì, ho fatto più di 80 errori, con almeno un errore in italiano per giorno. La gente apprezza gli vostri sforzi di più delle vostre capacità in italiano.

February 11, 2019



Complimenti vivissimi per il traguardo raggiunto, e in bocca al lupo per i tuoi futuri successi!

P.S. - reading this I almost feel as if I had already reached level C2. :-D


Civis, il mio insegnante, vi ringrazio al fondo del mio cuore. Per piacere, vi prego che tieni insegnare la gente chi viene qui per le loro lezioni italiane.

Ho imparato tanto da Lei.


C2, well Civis, you are quite close. :-D


Ciao, I'm an Italian native speaker and I live in Italy, reading your posts is really moving for me. Knowing that there are people who want to learn our language is very nice for us Italians. We greatly appreciate foreigners who want to learn our language. Thank you so much to all of you for your efforts!


Brilliant to read your success stories. Good luck for the future wcjerky.


Congratulazioni! @wcyerkey Very nice job indeed! The last 15 to 20 subjects seem to me to be the hardest ones. Especially all these different verb tenses... Did you manage to complete them with only the DL exercises or did you need an Italian guide book to help you out?

By the way, what's this C2 level about? Level 25 is the highest level I've noticed so far, which is strange because it can already be reached well before the end of the course.

Anyway, good luck in further on mastering and enjoying your Italian over in Italy!


I spoke to Italians about this topic and this is how the past tense was explained to me: 1) Passato perfetto is for events that happened recently, usually within a week. It can happen multiple times. 2) Passato imperfetto is for events that happened a while ago, usually over a week ago. 3) The exercise labelled at "Past" in Duolingo is passato romoto. It is used for events that happened years ago and only happened once. The outlier for this framing is that passato romoto is commonly used in literary forms. It's generally a more formal tense, and such, is used in journal articles. Only now have I branched and started to abandon Duolingo for Italian practice. This is a very good place to start learning a language, but not so much to develop beyond. Civis has written in depth articles not covered here, like the use of 'magari', diminuitives, and other mini stories.

Outside North America and prominently in the EU, one's ability to speak in a language is gauged by the levels A1 -> A2-> B1-> B2 -> C1-> C2, with A referring to a beginner level, B referring to intermediate, and C referring to fluent. C2 is the ability where a foreigner is comparable with a native speaker, minus regional idioms.

Lastly, I'm back from Italy as of Jan 28. I will always miss Italy; it's my second home.


Thank you for your motivational post. Congratulations and have fun with further learning! Thank you for your link - that website seems to be very helpful!

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