"Lōʻihi ʻo Kawika?"

Translation:Is Kawika tall?

February 11, 2019

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It would be very very much more helpful if recordings were available of all these phrases since this language in particular has a smaller alphabet and pronounciation of vowels is critical. Thank you!!!


Why isn't "He lōʻihi ʻo Kawika?"


Kawika is a tall?

Lō‘ihi is a verb or an adjective, but I'm not sure what it would mean as a noun like that. Those sentences that begin with "He" are equating two nouns. Here lō‘ihi is just a plain old verb and is fine at the beginning of the sentence.

The thing that might be confusing you is that in English we use the connecting verb be/is to connect nouns, but also to connect an adjective to a noun. As in "he IS tall." But in Hawaiian, most adjectives are actually just verbs and don't use the same sentence structure that you use to connect two nouns. Instead you use the same sentence structure that you use for other verbs:
‘Ai ‘o Kawika. "Kawika eats."
Lō‘ihi ‘o Kawika. "Kawika is tall."


Well explained, mahalo!


Mahalo for asking.


Lo'ihi means long not tall


Good they don't need to translate the song, "Long Tall Sally" ;-) Lo'ihi lo'ihi Sally?

But then again, the Hebrew Bible has a similar convention, where repeating a word intensifies the meaning.


Why is "how tall is Kawika" considered wrong? Is Kawika tall? Help!!

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