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  5. "तू राज से किताबें नहीं लेगा।"

"तू राज से किताबें नहीं लेगा।"

Translation:You will not take books from Raj.

February 11, 2019



They really like this sentence. Poor raj keeps free books in storage with moth balls due to an insect problem, and although he likes to give books away, no one will take them. Either that or he has had a succession of books stolen from him.


Is this an imperative?


No. It's the future tense form like the English sentence though it can be used to make suggestions or give out instructions (again, like the English sentence).

The imperative "Do not take books from Raj" would be 'राज से किताबें मत ले'. If you want to use the more polite तुम/आप forms, replace ले with लो/लीजिए.


"You will not take the books from Raj" was not accepted. It seems like maybe it should be. How would you say that then? Like "तुम राज से किताबें तो नहीं लोगे" maybe.


It should have been accepted. You can report if you see the sentence again.

The sentence ' तुम राज से किताबें तो नहीं लोगे' emphasises 'books' and seems to be saying that books would be the last thing you'd take from Raj.


You will not take books from Raj..? Better option is.... you will not take the books from Raj


Weird little quirk of literal meaning versus cultural or contextual connotation, this "will not" made me think the sentence was imperative, but "won't" instead would have sounded like a statement. Since won't is just a contraction of will not, I don't know why they hold slightly different shades of meaning for me in a sentence like this.


To raj sa kitabee nahi laga

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