"You must stop pretending to be someone else."

Translation:Kamu harus berhenti berpura-pura menjadi orang lain.

February 11, 2019

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Is using "yang" wrong if I say "...menjadi orang yang lain"?


I thought be is jadi, and become is menjadi.


Menjadi - Be/become Jadi - Be/become. (Also used as "so").
I have copied and pasted 23 examples of "menjadi" from Duo Lingo into a word document. Of these, 16 translate "menjadi" as "be" and seven translate "menjadi" as "become".
Two Duo Lingo examples of "Jadi" are: Aku tidak mau jadi dewasa. I do not want to become an adult. Aku ingin jadi pahlawan. I wish to be a hero. (See the section on PEOPLE). My ancient (1990) Kamus also says either version can mean "be/become". I assume that which one you use relates to the degree of formality, also whether the word forms part of a phrase.


It should be written "berpura-pura".


why do i get this one marked wrong when i use anda instead of kamu? Reported 2/11/19.

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