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"'eybe'chugh Ha'DIbaH 'ej Qobbe'chugh, yIHoHQo'!"

Translation:If an animal is neither delicious nor dangerous, don't kill it!

February 11, 2019



'eybe'chugh Qobbe'chugh je Ha'DIbaH, yIHoHQo'! Seems more natural to me would that also be correct?


No. 'ey and Qob are verbs, not nouns. You can't use the noun conjunction and must use the verb conjunction to connect them. It is possible to say 'eybe'chugh 'ej Qobbe'chugh Ha'DIbaH, yIHoHQo'!, but it is not good style to hold the subject until the end and make us wonder who you are talking about through two clauses when it can be avoided by revealing the subject earlier.

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